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Terms of Use

MET Alumni Club
Version 1.0
Date: 30.08.2023

Thank you for joining the MET Alumni Club, an exclusive community designed to connect and engage with the people who once have been part of MET Group. We are glad to have you as a valued member of our alumni community.

What is the MET Alumni Club about?

The MET Alumni Club aims to build a community from its former employees and Board members of MET Group to gain special benefits from this unique connection. The key pillars of the MET Alumni Club are a web and application based online connection and offline events. The MET Alumni Club application serves as the main tool of communication. Our online platform is a web and mobile application-based solution, where the alumni have to register to access most content. Once your registration is approved, you will access among other things an Alumni Directory, news and updates from our company group and from the energy sector, tailor listed job ads, certain discounts/promotions and event invitations to offline and online reunions and learning sessions. The MET Alumni Club platform will also feature some of the alumni in more detail as they will have the opportunity to share their stories, request help, propose business opportunities or just to discuss good old days.

As a cornerstone of the program, you will also have the opportunity to join offline events and meet your former colleagues, explore topics of your interest with keynote speakers and have fun on entertainment sessions.

Our mission is to provide an active and supportive community where you can reconnect with former colleagues, expand your professional Club and stay informed about the latest news and events related to our company and the industries we serve.

Subject and scope of this Terms of Use

Before you start your membership at the MET Alumni Club, we kindly request you to carefully review the following Terms of Use. These terms govern your access to and use of the MET Alumni Club, and these constitute a legal agreement between you and MET Holding AG (“MET”, "we," "us," or "our"). By acceding or using the MET Alumni Club, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not apply for the MET Alumni Club and do not use the relevant web sites, mobile app or participate in relevant events. It is important to note that MET may impose additional conditions for certain events or functions, but these will be communicated in advance to the people concerned. By joining MET Alumni Club, you agree to abide by such additional conditions as well, and, if you do not wish to abide by such additional conditions, you will indicate this in advance and will not participate in the event or will not use the given feature.

Therefore, these Terms of Use apply to those who once worked for MET Group or served as a member of the Board of Directors of the parent company or a subsidiary of MET Group and would like to apply for membership or have been approved to join the MET Alumni Club and therefore participates in the MET Alumni Club.

For the processing of personal data collected and processed in relation to the MET Alumni Club, please read the relevant privacy policy.

Registration and eligibility

Generally, only those can register and participate in the MET Alumni Club who once worked for a MET entity in the form of an employment relationship under relevant applicable laws or served as a Board of Director member of a MET entity. ‘Members’ are the members of the MET Alumni Club, i.e. those MET alumni whose application have been approved by MET in accordance with this point.

To become a Member, you must first register on our dedicated website. Here you must first enter your name and email address, which we can use to contact you later in the MET Alumni Club. You will also need to provide information about the MET entity you worked for. It is important that your name and email address for contact purposes will be disclosed to other members in the MET Alumni Directory, as one of the main purposes of the MET Alumni Club is to enable members to establish and maintain contact with each other for purposes that are consistent with the MET Alumni Club. This means that only approved members will be able to see this information. If you do not wish to be listed in the MET Alumni Directory, please notify the system administrators by sending an email to

During the registration process, you will also have the opportunity to provide other information about yourself that may be useful during your membership (in a free-fill field). Please only share information about yourself that is related to your potential MET Alumni Club membership and that is not sensitive or not relating to any other person or third party (except for the name of your current employer which you can share with us). The information provided by you must relate to you, must be up to date, true and accurate. You may also provide a CV. It is possible to register via your LinkedIn profile. In this case, by registering, we will have an automatic access to the public information of your LinkedIn profile.

We may invite some people directly to participate in the MET Alumni Club. Such invitations will be made for example via the potential member’s public LinkedIn profile or during the exit process.

Participation in the MET Alumni Club is not an automatic right. In all cases, membership requires the approval of the CEO of the former employer and/or of MET Holding AG. Approval procedure and persons whose approval is required for joining is specified unilaterally by MET and may vary depending on your former position or current status. In all cases, the approval of a request for accession is discretionary and depends solely on the unilateral decision of MET. We are not obliged to state the reasons for our decision, except in cases where the applicable law requires reasons to be given for such measures. You will be notified whether your application has been accepted or refused within a reasonable period of time.

As a general rule, the accession will not be approved if for any reason the accession would jeopardise the legitimate economic interests of the MET group. This includes, inter alia, where the alumnus has been dismissed for a cause, is in litigation with us or is engaged in activities that would damage or jeopardise the reputation of any entity of the MET group.

The following will be certainly grounds for refusal:

  • Leaving MET group during probation period, for any reason
  • Leaving MET group due to termination for cause, including termination without notice or termination in connection with a violation of employee duties
  • Having any kind of legal dispute or potential legal dispute with any MET group entity
  • Being a politically exposed person within the meaning of Article 3(9) of the Directive (EU) 2015/849 of the European Parliament and of the Council
  • Being a public officer if the position of the applicant would pose any kind of risk on MET from a compliance perspective

To verify the above, the system administrators may ask you additional questions during the registration process or check your publicly available business profile on the internet. This includes sites such as your LinkedIn profile.

By applying for membership, you consent to your former MET employer providing information and transferring the relevant personal data in accordance with the above to MET Holding AG in connection with your employment relationship and its termination, as well as the existence of any current and former legal dispute.

Once your registration is approved, you become a Member of the MET Alumni Club. You can sign in with your e-mail address. You must set your password to use the MET Alumni Club ’s online platform. You must keep your password strictly confidential and not disclose it to other unauthorized persons. Since confidential information may be shared in the MET Alumni Club, it is important that you may not disclose your password to others, either accidentally or negligently. If you believe that your password may have been disclosed to other unauthorized persons, you must report this immediately to our system administrators by sending an e-mail to

If you have entered your details incorrectly during registration, you have the option to correct them at any time, either through your user account or by emailing us directly.

Features of the MET Alumni Club

Online activity

MET Alumni platform means a web and mobile application designed to share content and exchange information by MET or by the Members themselves, addressed exclusively for the Members, for the purposes described herein.

Through the platform, Members may:

  • have access to the MET Alumni Directory, which means a directory with the name contact and other public profile details of the current Members to enable connection between the Members for purposes that are consistent with the MET Alumni Club. If you do not wish to be listed in the MET Alumni Directory, please notify the system administrators by email to
  • be able to conduct structured communication with other Members
  • have access to their own profiles and will be able to manage information about themselves and/or to provide additional information and CV documents
  • be able to set a profile picture for themselves (if such possibility is available in the platform)
  • be able to post comments to certain content and/or express “likes” of contents or comments
  • be able to join different (chat)groups or be involved in other online discussions
  • have access to news and updates from the MET group or from the energy sector
  • have access to news and updates, stories, interesting content from other Members
  • have access to or can receive tailor listed job ads
  • have access to certain discounts/promotions
  • have access to event invites or can be invited to offline and online reunions and learning sessions

You may be approached by MET from time to time with requests for information to create content or draw the Members’ attention to job opportunities on the platform.

You also agree to be approached with business opportunities and job opportunities either within MET group or in relation to third companies by email or phone that was provided by you during the registration. It is important that MET will not transfer your data to any other third party for such purposes, only MET colleagues will have the right to offer tailor listed job ads for the Members and solely MET or the Members can propose business opportunities for other Members within the framework of the MET Alumni Club.

The platform may be subject to interruptions, temporary outages or malfunctions due to technical and non-technical reasons, which MET will endeavour to remedy as soon as possible. However, MET shall not be liable for the proper functioning and accessibility of the platform for the entire term of the membership.

MET has the right, but not the obligation, to moderate, edit, modify or remove any content shared on the platform at any time, without giving reasons. MET may also request any Member to edit, modify or remove content. MET cannot be asked to reproduce or transfer content that it has once deleted.

MET is not responsible for the appropriateness and lawfulness of the content shared on the platform. The person sharing any content on the platform is directly responsible for the legality of the content and for any harm or damage caused to others, including Members and third parties (please see also the sections on ‘Guidelines’ and ‘Liability’ below).

MET is not responsible for the deceptive conduct of others, including, in particular, phishing and other deceptive fraud. If a link is included in a content, MET is not responsible for the content of the website or application to which this link is provided and for its possible harmful effects. Acts and data processing in connection with other services and websites are the responsibility of the respective service provider and are governed by the terms of use and privacy notice of the given service provider.

If you find that someone is posting infringing content, please report it to the system administrators using the contact details below.

Offline and online events

We also organise offline events from time to time, which can be informal meetings, lectures, expert programmes, training sessions or other events.

At such offline and online events, the list of participants and contact details may be made public to other participants. We can take minutes of the event or post news about the event to the public.

We may take and use photographs and videos at these offline events, for which your membership constitutes your consent and agreement under the relevant local law, as long as such consent is not excluded by relevant local law. Generally, if you are displayed in a crowd, as one of many people, with a non-unique display, then we will not ask your specific consent to take and use such photo or video, as you agreement to this Terms of Use covers the taking and use of such crowd-footages. However, if we want to show you separately in a photo or in a video with a unique appearance, we may use this photo internally within the MET Alumni Club, displayed only for the Members, also without your specific consent, as such use is consistent with the purpose of the MET Alumni Club. However, if we want to use such unique photo or video in any external channels and disclose it in public, then we will ask for your specific prior consent to use the given photo or video. Your consent includes the right to use the footage free of charge and without restriction, which includes the right to share, disclose in public on any internal and external channels (e.g. website, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, YouTube, etc.), in online and print media, furthermore, to reproduce, modify and delete the footage. Use may mean sharing the footage within the MET Alumni Club with other Members, but may also mean disclosure outside the MET Alumni Club for information, marketing, company and employer branding, recruitment, encouraging others to join to the MET Alumni Club, and other lawful purposes related to the MET Alumni Club. In any case, if you do not wish to be captured during an offline or online event, please notify us by email in advance at

There may be certain features or online or offline events that are not available to the entire membership, but only to members selected according to a certain perspective or to specially invited Members. MET is not obliged to give a reason for this, but invitations to certain events must not conflict with the principle of equal treatment or other applicable legal requirements.

Guidelines, prohibited uses and activities

You are required to abide by the following rules of conduct when participating in the MET Alumni Club.

You must comply with all applicable laws in the course of your membership at the MET Alumni Club.

Membership of the MET Alumni Club shall not involve any conduct which harms or is likely to harm the legitimate economic interests or rights, including in particular the reputation of the MET Group or any of its entities, staff or contractual partners.

You must refrain from any conduct, expression or communication of information that infringes the rights of others, in particular the privacy, dignity or reputation of others. This should also include not causing damage to the reputation of other companies or groups of companies.

You must exercise caution and responsibility when sharing content within the MET Alumni Club. Ensure that your contributions are relevant, respectful, and do not contain any offensive, defamatory, threatening, inappropriate or similar material. Your conduct or content sharing must not be discriminatory, hateful, harassing, racist, obscene or include any kind of political expression. You must not share content or encourage others to do activities that qualify as a criminal offense or otherwise violates law or the rights of others.

Your conduct and content sharing must not infringe the intellectual property rights, including trademarks or copyright of others.

Under no circumstances may you disclose or share information about another person or entity without that person's or entity's prior consent.

You may only provide completely accurate and correct information and data when registering and participating in the MET Alumni Club. You are fully responsible for the accuracy of the information in accordance with applicable law. You may not share incomplete, misleading or false content.

Information shared with Members on the MET Alumni Club platform or any offline event is strictly confidential unless stated otherwise by MET or the discloser of the information or the information is already public or has already been disclosed to individual members outside the MET Alumni Club by other lawful means. No information obtained through the MET Alumni Club may be disclosed or published without the prior consent of MET.

Information obtained through participation in the MET Alumni Club may not be used for any purpose that are inconsistent with the purposes of the MET Alumni Club, such as to build a business to the detriment of the MET Group, to entice MET customers or employees, or for any other conduct that is unlawful or jeopardizes the economic interests of MET or its business partners.

The personal data provided in the MET Alumni Directory, including contact information, may not be used for any purpose that is incompatible with the objectives of the MET Alumni Club, nor may it be transferred to third parties or disclosed to the public. This includes, for example, not sending unsolicited commercial messages to Members, not harassing them and not making offers or solicitations that are not in line with their business profile. Nor should you contact a person who has expressly forbidden you from contacting them.

The MET Alumni Club is not intended to engage in or facilitate any kind of competition law violation, such as discussion or agreement on unfair market practices, anti-competitive agreements and abuse of market position by dominant undertakings. No MET Alumni Club interface (including platform groups, chats or other online or offline discussions) shall be used for such purposes. Any conduct that infringes or raises the possibility of infringing applicable competition law rules is strictly prohibited. In particular, it is forbidden to engage in, solicit or encourage others to engage in any activity that violates competition law. Consultation on pricing issues is prohibited. If you experience any such behaviour, you should immediately end the conversation and report it to MET. Such behaviour will result in immediate exclusion.


You shall be fully liable for any damage and non-material damage caused by your violation of applicable laws or these Terms of Use, including, for example, material and non-material damage caused to reputation and goodwill. Your liability covers liability towards any other Member, any entity of the MET group of companies and other third parties (such as customers, contractors or employees of a MET entity).

You expressly agree that if you suffer any injury or damage as a result of an unlawful act or omission of any Member, MET's liability (including liability of any MET entity or their management or executive officers) is excluded and you may pursue your claim directly against the Member who has infringed your rights in accordance with applicable law.

MET or any of the MET entities or its management or executive officers shall not be liable in any respect for any damages, including non-material damages, suffered in the course of or in connection with the participation in the MET Alumni Club or in reliance on any content shared through the MET Alumni Club, except in cases where exclusion of liability is forbidden by applicable law. In no event shall MET or MET group entities be liable for any damage caused by individual Members of the MET Alumni Club, as Members have agreed that they may not bring a claim against MET or a MET group member, but may bring a claim only against the MET Alumni Club Member who specifically caused their damage.

Intellectual property

If you share content on the MET Alumni Club platform (‘Member Content’), you grant MET a transferable, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to material rights relating to copyright protection, including the access to, use, copying, modifying, editing, reproducing, distributing, disclosing, publishing and otherwise exploiting your Member Content. You grant other Members a non-transferable, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to access to, use and copying your Member Content for the Members’ own private purposes that are consistent with the objectives of the MET Alumni Club. You represent and warrant that you have the right to grant MET and other Members such rights in any Member Content you share and that you will not infringe the copyright or other proprietary rights of any third party. You hereby waive any and all rights you may have against MET and the entities, management and executive officers of the MET group for any infringement of your copyright in any Member Content you share in the MET Alumni Club.

All content, including any text, appearance, design, graphics, trademarks, logos, images, videos, databases, know-how and any other information on the MET Alumni Club platform that are subject to intellectual property rights and that are not Member Content are the exclusive intellectual property of MET (‘Platform Intellectual Property’).

Platform Content’ are the Platform Intellectual Property that may not be protected by registered intellectual property protection under national or international copyright laws. ‘Protected Content’ are the Platform Intellectual Property that may be legally protected by national or international copyright laws, irrespective whether such content is registered or not in a national or international/EU copyright register, such as logos, figurative trademarks, text slogans. Protected Content are not qualified as Platform Content.

MET grants to the Member a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, royalty-free license, for the duration of the membership, to access and use the Platform Content for own private purposes compatible with the purposes set forth in these Terms of Use, including downloading, copying, reproducing, editing and modifying. This license does not cover distribution, disclosure or publishing (see confidentiality commitment herein).

The Protected Content may not be used in any way without the prior written consent of MET. In particular, you may not copy or display them in your own materials, social media, promotions or marketing materials or use them in your references, etc.


Nothing shared in the MET Alumni Club should be construed as legal, investment, business or other professional advice.

MET assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or legality of the information shared in the MET Alumni Club. Any damage caused in connection with information shared under the MET Alumni Club is not the responsibility of MET or any of the MET entities.

The MET Alumni Club may assist you in achieving your business goals, but this is in no way guaranteed. If you act or rely on any information provided under the MET Alumni Club, including making any business decision or taking a job or new position, the risk thereof is entirely your own and MET shall not be liable in any way.

The content published on the MET Alumni Club does not reflect the position or opinion of MET on any particular issue.

Modifications to these Terms of Use

Please note that the MET Alumni Club is a service provided by MET Holding AG and may undergo unilateral updates, amendments or modifications at any time. We will make reasonable efforts to notify you of any material changes to these terms. By joining, you agree that such unilateral changes will apply to you from the date of their publication and you will be bound by them throughout your membership.

Term and Termination

Membership is for an indefinite period.

Membership can be terminated in the following ways, either by termination by a Member, via exclusion by MET and when MET Alumni Club is terminated for any reason.

You can terminate your membership any time by an email notification sent to, with immediate effect. We may request additional data to identify you.

MET can exclude any of the Members for any reason or for no reason, with immediate effect, by an email notification and/or immediate denial of access rights. Failure to comply with the conditions of eligibility for membership, or the acquisition of a status or circumstances which would preclude membership, may result in the exclusion of the Member.

Violation of these Terms of Use or any applicable law may also result in the exclusion of the Member. MET is under no obligation to give prior notice or warning to the Member but may do so where it considers this is suitable.

MET may decide to terminate the MET Alumni Club at any time, even without prior notice. In such case, membership and all rights thereunder shall automatically terminate upon termination of the MET Alumni Club.

Any claim against MET or any of its members in connection with the termination of membership is excluded.

The confidentiality undertaking remains in force indefinitely even after any kind of termination of membership.


Should you have any questions with the application, registration, membership or termination of your MET Alumni Club membership, please contact us at:

MET Holding AG
Address: Neuhofstrasse 24, 6340 Baar, Switzerland
Registration number: CHE- 135.897.834
Company hosting the MET Alumni Club platform application:
PeoplePath GmbH
Address: Friedenheimer Brücke 20, 80639 Munich, Germany

Other provisions

These Terms of Use and any disputes arising out of or relating to them, or the MET Alumni Club shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland, without regard to its conflict of law principles.

You expressly agree that any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use or the MET Alumni Club, shall be exclusively and finally be settled by the Cantonal Court in Zug, Switzerland. You and MET as parties hereto hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts and waive any objections to the laying of venue or any claim against the jurisdiction of such courts. You and MET further agree that any judgment or order issued by the Cantonal Court in Zug in connection with such disputes shall be binding and enforceable upon you and MET and may be entered and enforced in any jurisdiction in accordance with applicable laws.

In the event any term or provision of this Terms of Use should for any reason be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability shall not affect the validity of any other provision hereof. The failure of MET to enforce any provisions of this Terms of Use shall not be deemed a waiver or limitation of MET’s right to subsequently enforce and compel strict compliance with every provision of this Terms of Use. Any reference in these Terms of Use to a grant of any right to MET shall be properly applied and such right may be exercised by any MET entity if justified by the circumstances. You are not entitled to transfer or assign any of your rights arising you’re your membership or the access to your user account to any third person.